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Chair of Russian Language of Moscow Architectural Institute

The list of members of the chair:

  1. Begunova Alla Anatolievna (Senior Lecturer)
  2. Bobrova Alina Vasilievna (Associate prof., the candidate Phil. Sciences )
  3. Burnasheva Nina Ildarovna (Professor, Doctor Phil. Sciences)
  4. Egorova Anastasia Vladislavovna (Senior Lecturer)
  5. Kruchenkov Arkady Ivanovich (Associate prof)
  6. Potapkina Anna Petrovna (Associate prof)
  7. Redkina Margarita Alekseevna (Associate prof)
  8. Charugina Svetlana Kuznetsova (Senior Lecturer)
  9. Yakubovskaya Marina Danilovna (Professor, the candidate Phil. Sciences)
  10. Nasilov Dmitry Mikhailovich (Professor, Doctor Phil. Sciences)
  11. Homyakova Elena Yurievna (Professor, the candidate Phil. Sciences)
  12. Ryabceva Svetlana Alexandrovna (laboratory assistant, lecturer)
  13. Kryuchenkova Maria Gennadievna (senior laboratory assistant)

Head of the Chair
Nechaeva Aleftina Iosifovna
Doctor of educational sciences, Prof.


There are 12 lecturers at the Chair.  Among them there're 5 Professors , 4 assistant professors and   3 senior lecturers.

The address of the Chair : Moscow, Rojdestvenka st. 29, building 2, tel., +7 495 208-45-95

Chair of Russian language was established in MARHI in 1961 in order to teach foreign students Russian language regarding for the type of the institute. To that end the appropriate methodology, scientific and methodological bases were developed, there was written a set of textbooks for students of all courses and special courses for advanced level students were compiled. Having satisfactorily completed a program, students received Certificates which gave them the right to teach Russian language in circles at their motherland (Method of teaching RKI course) and to translate the specialized literature (Linguistic theory of translating course). During the quarter of the century- since the day of foundation till 1995 the Chair was headed by Anna Dmitrievna Vartanianc.


Since 2001 due to the Ministry of Education standards a new subject was introduced -Russian language and the culture of speech (for the 1st year students).  A new program of lectures and practical trainings was developed.


Currently the chairs staff lectures and hold the practical training upon following  subjects:

Russian language and the culture of speech (for Russian students of the 1st year)

Russian language ( for foreign students of all years of study)

Russian language. Scientific style of speech (for foreign post-graduate students; the candidates exam on Russian language)

Russian language for foreign students of the basic stage of study (Preparatory department).



Scientific researches trends.

Types of verbs and closely-related concepts in modern Russian language.

Aspect analysis of literary text.

Functional semantic field of aspects as universal typological category on comparison languages of different systems. Prof. Nechaeva A.I.

Language map of the world Prof. Nechaeva A.I., senior lecturer Egorova A.V.

Textual study of works by Tolstoy L.N. Prof. Burnasheva N.I.

Comparisonable linguistics. - Study of Turkic languages, - Prof. Nasilov D.M.

Linguistics and poetics - Prof. Yakubovskaya M.D.

Structure-semantic analysis of fiction, fine arts and architectural texts Prof. Yakubovskaya M.D.

Questions of lexicology, lexicography and word-building As.Prof. Bobrova A.V., As.Prof. Kryuchenkov A.I.




Burnasheva N.I. Early works of Leo Tolstoy: text and time., M. MIK, 1999.

Burnasheva N.I.: To walk along a hard road of discovery Mysteries and finds in Tolstoys manuscripts. M., Science, 2005

Nechaeva A.I. Linguistic basis of teaching Russian aspects in higher educational institutes. Uliyanovsk, 1996.



Scientific methodological works trends

Expression of idea of movement in the language of speciality. - senior lecturer Egorova A.V.

Working out test text tasks senior lecturer Egorova A.V.

Architectural discussion as a text in eventual aspect. As.Prof. Potapkina A.P.

Audio- and visual means in learning process. Prof. Homyakov E.Y., Senior lecturer Egorova A.V.


Research and scientific-methodological work is reflected in messages and reports of lecturers on Congresses , MAPRYAL symposiums, its materials and in philology magazines.


List of academic literature compiled by chairs staff.

Vartanyanc A.D., Yakubovskaya M.D. Poetics. Comprehensive analysis of artistic text. Handbook for students of philology faculty. Aspect press.

Vartanyanc A.D., Merzon S.N., Yakubovskaya M.D. We read and talk of Russian artists. Handbook of Russian language for foreign students. Part I, M. Russian language, 1989, Part II. M., 2004.

Gorodilova G.G., Nechaeva A.I. Correction course for students of primary-schools teachers' training and colleges. Edited by Gorodilova G.G., St.Pet., Prosveshenie, 2002

Kryuchenkov A.I., Potapkina A.P. Handbook of Russian language for foreign students of architectural specialization. M., MARHI, 2005.

Nechaeva A.I., Kryuchenkov A.I. Handbook of Russian language for foreign students of the Preparatory Department. (Texts, tasks, exercises) M. MARHI, 2005

Redkina M.A. Grammar tables of Russian language for foreign students of the Preparatory Department. M., MARHI, 2005.