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MARHI Museum

MARHI Museum is a scientific and enlightenment center. First of all its work is aimed at studying and demonstrating historical heritage of Moscow architectural school, its unique traditions of architectural education. Museums researches reveal and produce the origins of modern architectural school. Researching and investigating work is done at museums funds, archives of Moscow and other cities, private collections. The part of investigations is done with RGNF support.

The Museum collection numbers about 9000 units of architectural graphics and over 10000 units of documents fund. All these are systemized in two parts: educational and authorial. The main educational part includes diplomas and thesiss works and projects, methodic materials, training programs and tasks, students documents and etc.

Authorial part includes personal materials of tutors and graduates of Moscow architectural schools who showed their worth in Architecture.


The main exposition is placed at MARHI main building (cab. #215). Museum has already held numerous exhibitions within MARHI walls: thematic Students of MAI artists and soldiers (1992), VHUTEMAS environment (1995): and some dedicated to the art of G.Bahrin, A. Burov, I. Mashkov, I. Gioltovsky, I. Nikolaev, G. Golc, M. Barsh, N. Colly, C. Satunc, M. Turkus, E. Lancere. Museum materials were exposed in the halls of Moscow and abroad: Stroytech-94 (1994), Moscow-Berlin (1995), City Architecture in Tokyo (1997) and others.


Museum has issued series of brochures named Masters of Moscow architectural school and also 2 issues of collection Moscow Architectural Schools (Historical datas, M., 1995; Teachers and pupils M., 1999).

Architectural schools of Moscow (due to MARHI Museum materials):